• Computer Network Security

    Unrestricted or unmonitored access to the Internet is not only a time sink for kids at home or employees at any workplace but also a potential threat. While you may ask - how can someone surfing Facebook, Twitter, and other such websites possibly invite some serious problems - the fact of the matter is that a large number of homeowners and business owners in West Drayton and Hounslow are increasingly opting for increased computer network security. It’s because of the simple fact that there has been a steep increase in the number of identity thefts, data loss, business disruption, etc. worldwide, resulting from weakened computer security.

    How Computer Security Products Can Help In Your Case

    A computer security product or computer network security firewall isn’t just used to keep malicious programs from getting ‘in.’ These high-end software programs can also be used for a wide range of other applications described below.Open Access to

    Certain Websites on the Internet during Fixed Hours

    In case you wish to keep a website, say Facebook, open for everyone during lunch hours, it is possible to configure computer network security in West Drayton, London to achieve that end. So, while employees will stick to ‘business’ activities during the work hours, they can comfortably browse entertainment and other such websites during off hours.

    Filter Out Websites that Can Harm Your Computers or Network

    It is absolutely necessary to completely block access to websites and online applications that are known to spread malware and other such malicious programs on the Internet. Ask any computer network security expert in Hounslow, Middlesex or West Drayton, London, and you will know just how many different masks such malicious websites can wear. They can appear as if they are simple, software download websites, offering music downloads for free and so on. So, users hardly know whether they are being trapped into downloading, installing or engaging with a malicious program on the Internet. A well configured network protects all connected devices from such websites by effectively blocking access to them.

     Maintaining Logs for Tracking

    Keeping logs means that you can always take a look back at the type of content accessed by any user connected to the network. With a computer security product installed, you will be in a position to find out if kids at home or your employees at office are browsing proxy websites, or browsing other content that should have been restricted.

    For Computer Security Services in West Drayton and Hounslow

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