• Managed Monitoring Services for Complete Peace of Mind

    Computers, routers, etc. are machines with programmed minds of their own. But, they can fail to perform, take too long to perform basic computing tasks or worse, let in malicious programs or consume too much bandwidth. A large number of homeowners and business owners face such problems with laptops, desktop computer and other devices on a network. But, you cannot sign up for an expensive, round-the-clock computer repair services in West Drayton or Hounslow, right? This is why it makes sense to opt for managed monitoring services.

    Why an IT Support Contract for Computer Repair

    We started offering monitoring services for broken computers in West Drayton, London and Hounslow, Middlesex after we were approached by many clients, looking for reliable computer repair service they could rely upon. But, why sign up for an IT support contract, you’d ask! You could just call in a professional when you face the problem and have it resolved.

    Well, it doesn’t work exactly like that.

    First, it makes sense to take preemptive measures to eliminate the possibility of a problem from occurring. Second, issue resolution shouldn’t take too long. Would you like to continue staring at a hung computer screen for a day or two? Can you manage without internet connectivity at home or office? Hardly anyone can!

    How Our Monitoring Service Works

    We install advanced utilities on all of your computers that are not only used for monitoring but also for preventing a wide range of computer and network related issues. While a big chunk of issues are prevented from happening, information about the rest is communicated to our central support center in no time. So, we’d know immediately if something is wrong with internet connectivity, bandwidth, computer speed, etc.

    Once an issue has been identified, we’ll either have it resolved online, or send across a technician for on-site support at your home or office in West Drayton, London or Hounslow, Middlesex. As long as you are within 20 miles radius of uxbridge UB7 7NH, we should be able to come over and ensure timely computer repair services within few hours.

    What is the Pricing of Computer Repair Services in West Drayton, London

    We charge a small, fixed fee per system along with an hourly rate for all the work completed. So, in case the issue at hand can be resolved in one hour, we will never take too. You also have the assurance that the bill generated against managed monitoring will never be more than you had first expected it to be.

    If you have a broken computer, or are looking for PC repair in Hounslow, dial <insert phone number> right away and talk to our computer repair specialists in West Drayton, London and Hounslow, Middlesex.