• Looking for Cloud Services in West Drayton or Hounslow?

    We are an IT support company with presence in West Drayton, London and Hounslow, Middlesex. Over the years, we have not only serviced thousands of laptops and computers in this area but also expanded our services stack. We now provide complete range of IT support and maintenance services for homeowners and small and medium scale businesses.

    Back up Your Data to the Cloud

    Anyone can choose to place his or her important data on the cloud. And you don’t have to be a techie to know that. But, yes, you do require the assistance of a professional to help configure cloud backup (one time or routine data backup from computer at home to cloud backup server online.

    You can opt for our cloud services online or we can come over for onsite service delivery too. We service within 20 miles from uxbridge UB7 7NH. If you have been wanting to backup had drives online for safest possible data storage, our technicians can do that for you in no time.

    Why People in West Drayton and Hounslow Are Now Opting to Backup Hard Drives Online

    Local storage on a device or even in external hard drives is never completely safe. You can end up losing your precious collection of pictures, movies, music files, and even important financial documents and study material. Worse still, if you are running a small or medium scale business entity in West Drayton, London or Hounslow, Middlesex, you can experience significant losses if all your important business data including customer records, billing details, sales information, etc. are lost.

    Hard drives can develop logical or hardware errors anytime. Are you prepared to take the risks? Of course, not!

    So, it makes perfect sense to at least try out free online data backup services at first. Yes, such services have their own limitations. You cannot upload more than few GBs of data on to secure, remote servers. But, our technicians in West Drayton can help backup all your important data to the cloud. Come what may, your data will always be stored safely at multiple, remote servers!

    Is it Only for Businesses or Individuals too?

    ‘Cloud services’ for many ordinary citizens in West Drayton or Hounslow may sound like a technical term that they better avoid understanding. They tend to believe that cloud services are only meant for businesses. Yes, business owners can make great use of cloud data backup and other such cloud based services but individuals including students, teachers, and can choose to backup their hard drives online.

    Dial 01895 808365 - 07970 171624 today and talk to an expert for any information on cloud backup service in West Drayton/Hounslow or on-site assistance. We are here to help!